Inspiring Books

BOOKS I found Inspiring

Occasionally one comes across a book that proves to be an inspiring read. I guess such gems should not be kept for oneself. So, I will happily share a few from time-to-time. 

Aslan, Reza (2017) GOD: A HUMAN HISTORY OF RELIGION. An inspiring and refreshing read for adult faith seekers, challenging particularly the monopoly often attributed to monotheism. The human search for God and divine meaning is a great deal more complex.

Ehrman, Bart D. (2018)THE TRIUMPH OF CHRISTIANITY. Contrary to popular understanding, Christianity has for long been a religion with a diverse set of beliefs around God and spiritual meaning. An insightful read!

Johnson, Elizabeth (2018), CREATION AND THE CROSS. An admirable attempt to shift the understanding of the Cross (and crucifixion) beyond the human focus to include all the other organisms, and their sufferings, in our understanding of the Paschal Journey.

Orobator, Agbonk E. (2018), RELIGION AND FAITH IN AFRICA. For anybody involved in Christian ministry in Africa this is essential reading, by a Jesuit scholar who thoroughly understands African spirituality from within. 

Delio, Ilia (2019), BIRTH of a DANCING STAR. This is Ilia's autobiography. An interesting and informative read. I found Chapter 13, on the interface between humans and modern technology especially informative and helpful. 

Haight, Roger (2019), FAITH AND EVOLUTION: A Grace-Filled Naturalism. Some wonderful insights in this book on the integration of evolution with our Christian faith.

Bregman, Rutger (2020), HUMANKIND: A Hopeful History. Thoroughly reserached optimistic view of human nature. A vey hopeful read for our troubled times. 

Kaku, Michio (2021), THE GOD EQUATION: The Quest for a Theory of Everything. Cutting-edge science by a popular science writer, accessable to the general reader.

Lent. Jeremy (2021), THE WEB OF MEANING. A big book (490 pages), but a very inspiring read on the complex questions of meaning arising in our time.